Fran Young, a financial success story

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How would you like to see the world while you pay off your debt?  Living without cable or a car seems much more pleasurable in a fascinating new culture than it does on Main Street, doesn’t it?

These are the kind of stories I just love.  Fran Young had debt and took a creative approach to paying it off and setting her family up with a great lifestyle in the process.

Fran tells her story:

We are a couple who left the U.S. to live abroad in 1992.  We sold our house, left our jobs, and went to six different nations to teach in U.S.-curriculum schools.

Within 1 year we were completely out of debt, including our college loans, and were banking money.  We also got to live in a nice lifestyle, while having maids, cooks, drivers, gardeners, and nannies (had we wanted them).  Our two children became citizens of the world, learned independence, understand diversity, and received excellent educations of which we were in close contact since they were at ‘our’ schools.

We took extensive worldwide vacations, and when we had to leave a country (under attack) in 2001, had enough cash on hand to buy a large house with acreage in the U.S. mid-west.  We’ve recently put our son through college, debt-free; and have purchased income property, again with no debt.  Currently we are ‘hanging out’ in Germany.

We are invested in retirement packages, and contributed to Social Security.  We had our travel to and from school locales paid for by the schools.  And we have friends, like our children, all over the world with whom we stay in touch.

I can’t say enough about teaching abroad, including the fact that one does not need to necessarily have a teaching certificate to teach in international schools.

You can find out more about Fran and teaching abroad by checking out her website.  She says this has been a great career move for her family of four.

I know several people who have taken this route to pay off bills and see a bit of the world at the same time.   Would you ever consider doing something like this?


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