Live the Good Life

Imagine waking up with the life you’ve always dreamed of:

your devoted partner by your side, a healthy body strong to move you through the world, dozens of people who love and support you and make your life richer, a strong purpose in your life and work that follows, and enough money to meet all your needs.

This is not the stuff dreams are made of. In fact, you can have most of this faster than you ever thought possible.

Most people miss out on living the good life because they are waiting around for it to happen. They expect a movie ending, someone else to swoop in and move things along, or a flash of lightning to show them the way.

If you are one of those people, we’ve got news for you:

  • The movie is your life.
  • The someone else is you.
  • The lightning bolt is your next move.

While we wait for the perfect opportunity to come about through someone else’s action, we let our big dreams slide through our fingertips over the years until there is not a single grain left. In fact, we’ve often let so much distance come between us and what we wanted that we can hardly remember the passion that fueled the desire. We chalk these memories up he dreams of youth.

You don’t have to wait…

until you lose 20 pounds, finish your education, meet your soul mate, land a great job, or pay off your credit cards. You don’t have to wait for someone else to lead the way, open the door, or solve your problems. In fact, the longer you wait for things to be perfect for you to start, the harder it will be to Live the Good Life.

We aren’t any more special than you, though we do probably know a bit more about what it takes to really go after your dreams after years of trial and error and ultimate success. You don’t have to make all the same mistakes we made as we’re here to help you skip a few steps based on our experience.

This is your wake-up call, your cheer-leading squad, and your bullhorn.

The time to start living is now.

Read More about each tenet:

Through this site we will tell you about our own experience Living the Good Life as well as the common actions we have found among other people living the kind of lives that get noticed by the people around them. It’s not all about money, fame, or fortune (though some of these people have all three), but it’s about consciously setting out to live the life uncommon.

They did it, we did it, and as a member of our Live the Good Life Tribe you’re going to learn how to do it, too.

All you have to do is take the first step.

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