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Getting Started with Married with Luggage

Married with Luggage is where you can learn how to turn your dreams into reality with practical advice on getting started, encouragement along the way, and comeback strategies when you stumble.

Kissing by the glacier lake in PeruThis is what we know to be true:

  1. Action trumps analysis.
  2. Small, consistent actions are better than big steps.
  3. Your mindset can make or break your dream.

We are action-oriented people, and this is an action-oriented site. You won’t spend a lot of time contemplating your navel here. (Read our story here.)

I think so often I get overwhelmed by people putting 80 zillion steps in how to achieve the dream but they break it down in these little bite sized pieces that make it manageable AND fun to read. ~ Linda Rubright

In our own words

Betsy & Warren’s writing reminds me how powerful a dream is to compel change and action. ~ Hillary V.

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