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Radio show guestsEvery week, we interview guests from around the world on topics related to love, sex, romance, and communication. One week it could be a scientist, the next week a sex toy retailer, and the next week a couple who overcame a particular hardship. It runs the gamut of human experience, at least in terms of love, and you can find all our back episodes here.

Every interview ends with 3 tips for the listener – that’s YOU – because we’re all about action.

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The Books

MarriedCover-with-border-270x400We’ve written a few books, all of them based on our own street smarts and trial by fire. We’ve road-tested all our advice, as have thousands of readers, and it stands up to the test of time.

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In 2010, we took a memoirist approach and wrote a rollicking good love story, complete with erupting volcanoes, political coups, and a train ride across Russia. Not only will you enjoy the adventure, but you’ll glean insights into how we’ve matured and strengthened our relationship as we’ve weathered these (sometimes literal) storms.

Click here to find out more about our latest book, which NY Times bestselling author Melissa Foster called, “Powerfully written, emotionally engaging, and romantic as hell.”

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Every month we host Married with Luggage – Live! It’s a free, one-hour webcast with an expert on love, sex, or communication who shares deeper insights that we can get to in a short podcast AND answers your live questions.

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Over 600 Articles

We’ve been writing since 2008, so there’s a lot here. Some of our favorites:

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