Encore Podcast #105: I Wrote a Romance Novel

The Married with Luggage Podcast never takes a vacation. But Betsy and Warren do! This month we’re highlighting a few of our most popular past episodes, and today’s is called ‘I wrote a romance novel.’ You know why? Because I did! If you’re thinking of writing a book or any endeavor where you don’t quite know all […]

The Stunt Husband by Catharine Bramkamp

Sky diving with friends

Editor’s Note: Guest author Catharine Bramkamp is a popular author/award winning poet/ podcaster/ champion of Newbie Writers everywhere. She is a successful writing coach and author of a dozen books including the Real Estate Diva Mysteries series, The Future Girls series (Eternal Press) and editor of the Redwood poetry collection, And the Beats Go On. Her […]

Podcast #125 – How to keep going when all you want to do is quit

Podcast #125 - When you just want to quit

Listen to the Show http://traffic.libsyn.com/marriedwithluggage/Podcast_125_-_Pushing_through_when_you_want_to_give_up.mp3 About This Episode Imagine us in the studio, bullet points ready for a quality conversation about living your best life right next to our coffee cups, ready to create a quality podcast for you. Then imagine everything going to hell, a huge fight, and one of us walking away to […]

Podcast #124 – Getting Past Your Paralysis by Analysis

Podcast #124 - Overcoming Analysis Paralysis

Listen to the Show http://traffic.libsyn.com/marriedwithluggage/Podcast_124-_How_to_avoid_Analysis_Paralysis.mp3 About This Episode Have you ever talked yourself out of a great idea? Spent weeks researching a new endeavor, never taking any action towards making it a reality? We thought so. We’ve been there too – stuck trying to find all the answers & determine every possibility before taking the […]

Podcast #123 – Oh the mistakes we’ve made along the way

Podcast #123 - The Mistakes we've made along the way

Listen to the Show http://traffic.libsyn.com/marriedwithluggage/Podcast_123-_The_mistakes_we_made_along_the_way.mp3 About This Episode Over the last 12 episodes we’ve shared with you the habits and actions that work in building your dream lifestyle. But we didn’t come to those conclusions without a LOT of trial and error. Since making the decision to start living our best lives we have made a […]

Podcast #122: The Secret to Living Your Best Life for Years to Come (Step 12 of The Best is Yet to Come)

Podcast #122 - Step #12 of The Best is Yet to Come

Listen to the Show http://traffic.libsyn.com/marriedwithluggage/Podcast_122_-_Step_12_-_Constantly_evaluate_your_best_life.mp3 About This Episode Wow, we can’t believe that we are already at the last step in our Life the Best Life Series. Over the course of the last 3 months we’ve identified what should be removed from your life, created a list of what you want most, delved into your […]

Podcast #121: Getting into Physical Shape (Step 11 of The Best is Yet to Come)

Podcast #121 - Step #11 of The Best is Yet to Come

Listen to the Show http://traffic.libsyn.com/marriedwithluggage/Podcast_121_-_Step_11_-_Getting_into_Physical_Shape.mp3 About This Episode Before we left to follow our dream and travel the world, we were not in our best shape. Far from it, in fact. This is one area we both wish we had focused on more leading up to creating our best lives. Today we share the actionable steps […]

Podcast #120: Getting Your Financial House in Order

Podcast #120 - Step #10 of The Best is Yet to Come

Listen to the Show http://traffic.libsyn.com/marriedwithluggage/Podcast_120_-_Step_10_-_Get_your_financial_house_in_order.mp3 About This Episode Today we’re talking about how to make your money work for you instead of the other way around. This is the tenth step of The Best is Yet to Come Series, an exploration of the building blocks to create your best life, no matter what your age. […]