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Getting Rid of It – Eliminate the Clutter in your Life

Getting Rid of It – Eliminate the Clutter in your Life
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You have too much stuff! Your closets are filled with clothes you never wear. You have not seen your kitchen counters in months. Your junk drawer has exploded into an entire room of things you don't use. How can we say that when we don't even know you? Well, because most people do and we were just like you.

In 2008 we put our decluttering and downsizing skills to the ultimate test: Get Rid of Everything we owned in order to follow our dream and travel around the world. From that experience we documented every step in the process to provide you with the comprehensive guide to decluttering your home and putting some extra cash in your packet.

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This is an intervention.

Step away from your dusty knick-knacks.

Back off from the towering stack of boxes in your garage.

Don’t try to cram another piece of clothing into that overflowing closet.

We hate to break it to you, but you have too much stuff!

Click here to discover what clutter costs us all with this powerful infographic.

Your home is overflowing with things you cannot even remember owning, and your junk drawer has spawned offspring. You need a month’s notice for anyone to come visit you, and you can’t remember the last time you were able to park your car in the garage. Your makeup drawer has mascara from 5 years ago and you own 17 pairs of black shoes, 11 of which look remarkably similar.

We haven’t been spying on you, but we know exactly what you’re doing. It is an epidemic, and not too many years ago we were in the exact same position.

Check out our 5-star reviews on Amazon:

“I’ll keep this simple (after all, the book is about decluttering, right?)

There is all kinds of decluttering advice out there, but Betsy and Warren have the edge for a lot of reasons. First, they’ve done everything they recommend and perfected the process. Second, the book is simple and easy to follow along with containing some tips that were new to me. And finally, they make it fun to read and inspiring. I read it in one sitting and immediately tackled my home office. 

Don’t think about it one second longer, just buy it. You won’t be disappointed.” ~ ABarton via Amazon

Getting Rid of It documents the system we used to get rid of all of our stuff in 25 months, how we made some serious cash doing it, and then set off to live the life of our dreams. Whether you want to streamline for a move, a big trip, a new relationship, or just to stop feeling so weighed down by all your possessions, this guide will show you how to get out from under all your stuff so you can start Living the Good Life.

Advice You Can Act Upon

This book provides practical advice on getting rid of your stuff. However, we all know that a step-by-step guide isn’t always enough. We also address the emotional and societal pressures of decluttering, and it will pay for you to analyze this as you strive to prevent a relapse in the future. If you know why you tend to accumulate things, you’ll see the warning signs earlier next time.

With this guide we’ll teach you to replace thinking with action – a little bit every single day – so you can keep your space and life open to Live the Good Life.

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