Resiliency and Overcoming Adversity: Podcast #12 (Alex Lickerman)

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Show Notes

There’s no such thing as ruining your life. Life’s a pretty resilient thing, it turns out. – Sophie Kinsella

It doesn’t matter who you are, you can always find someone who has it better off than you and someone who has it worse than you. Instead of bemoaning what other people have or feeling guilty when other people have it worse, it’s time to plow forward into our challenges and make them work in our lives.

We discuss the idea of looking at adversity with a long-term view instead of focusing on the storm around you. Learning to adapt and finding people to support you in tough times are key to overcoming the challenges enroute to the life you crave. We also talk about the need to establish a future goal but not be married to the way you will achieve that goal.

We are excited to welcome Alex Lickerman to the show. In Alex’s book, The Undefeated Mind, he argues that resilience isn’t something with which only a fortunate few of us have been born, but rather something we can all take action to develop. Alex shares with us his definition of victory and its relation to our happiness and the importance of setting expectations as we create the lives we crave. In addition, we talk about how to overcome setbacks through resiliency  determination, and surrounding yourself with great people (see a familiar theme?). Check out Alex and his inspirational message at

Action Plan Take Aways:

  1. Accept pain and move forward with what you want in life
  2. Express gratitude
  3. Surround yourself with supportive people

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Coming Up

On next week’s show we’ll be talking about your expiration date and how facing your own mortality will help you live a fuller life. Patrick Mathieu will join us to share his Mortality Manifesto and his incredible story of how we chose to live is life fully after being told he would not live until 30.

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Until next time, remember to take the first step and keep on moving.

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